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​Current Projects

  1. "Verifiable, real-time, convexification-based optimization for high-performance autonomous control", NSF CAREER Award, CMMI, Sensors, Dynamics, and Control Program.

  2. "Autonomy Protocols: From Human Behavioral Modeling to Correct-By-Construction, Scalable Control", NSF Cyber Physical Systems Synergy Grant. 

  3. "Semantics of Optimization for Real Time Intelligent Embedded Systems (SORTIES)", NSF Cyber Physical Systems Synergy Grant.

  4. "Robust Constrained Attitude Control with Resource Optimal Actuator Management", AFRL/RV, University Grants Program. 

  5. "Stochastic Reachability/Controllability (SRC) Set Generation for High-Fidelity Abstractions of Controlled Dynamics", ONR, jointly with JPL, Duke, and UTexas. 

  6. "Generalized Guidance, Navigation & Control Architecture for Reusable Development (GUARD): Performance Evaluation in Relevant Operating Environments", Phase II, NASA SBIR, jointly with SSCI. 

  7. "Formal Specification and Correct-By-Construction Synthesis of Control Protocols for Adaptable, Human-Embedded Autonomous Systems", AFRL, jointly with UTexas.

  8. "Density Control: A Decentralized Control Paradigm Enabling Coordinated Autonomous Vehicle Swarms", DARPA Grant.

  9. "Convexification and Real-Time Optimization for Optimal Autonomous Joint Task and Path Planning", Office of Naval Research Grant.

  10. "CoNGAS: Autonomous G&C for Spacecraft Proximity Operations", AFRL, jointly with Honeywell and UTexas.

  11. "High Performance G&C of Rocket Propelled Vehicles", ONR Grant.


​Past Projects

  1. "Verifiable, Real-Time, Convexification-Based Optimization for High-Performance Autonomous Control", JPL Strategic University Partnership Program (SURP).

  2. "Guidance and Control Architecture Design and Demonstration for Low Ballistic Coefficient Atmospheric Entry", NASA Ames Grant.