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Two Mary Gates Scholars

March 23, 2018

photo of John Buffalo

Congratulations to John Buffalo, who has been selected as a Mary Gates Research Scholar for 2018. John, a Junior in Mechanical Engineering, works with A&A Professor Marco Salviato in the Laboratory for Multiscale Analysis of Materials & Structures on the design of the next-generation transportation infrastructure based on lightweight composite materials. He is also the lead of the structural design team of the UW team competing for the Space X Hyperloop competition.

Another of Professor Salviato's students, A&A Senior Minh Nguyen, was selected as a Mary Gates Research Scholar last quarter. Minh is working on the development, characterization and computational modeling of Discontinuous Fiber Composites (DFCs) for the next-generation aerospace infrastructure. He is also exploring the development of DFCs made from re-purposed carbon fiber composites and applications for wind energy production.

Congratulations to both Minh and John!