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Facilities and Infrastructure

Package pickup

During COVID-19, we have staff in A&A's main office (GUG 211) on Mondays and Fridays from 10am - 2pm.  To check if you have a package waiting for pick up, please check the department google sheet.

To pick up a package, please come to Guggenheim Hall during these hours and contact:

To arrange a different time to pick up a package, please email

Reserve a meeting room

How to reserve a meeting/conference room.

Space allocation

For information on how the department allocates space, see A&A Space Allocation Policy & Procedures.

Equipment and materials surplus

Submit a surplus pickup request.

UW Facilities Surplus guidelines for disposing of equipment/materials.

Contact Michael Domar ( if you have any questions. Please do not put surplus items in hallways as it is a violation of fire code.

If you see an item labeled for surplus that you would like to take, please inquire with Michael Domar ( before you take it. These materials must be used for UW business only. Surplus may not taken for personal use.

Waste disposal

Wood and metal waste

Wood waste should be disposed in the brown recycling container in/near the shop.  There are wood and metal disposal bins at the north end of the alley between KWT and Guggenheim.

Chemical waste

UW Chemical Waste Collection Request