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Coronavirus & COVID-19 Resources

Our campus and department communities are feeling the many daily impacts of the current COVID-19 outbreak. To help everyone navigate these unique times, we created this page as a local collection of resources. You can find additional information on the College of Engineering Coronavirus Information page. 

Please bookmark this page and check back often. We will continue to update this page to add more information as it comes available in the coming weeks.

If you come to campus, please be aware of the face covering requirement.

Please do level up your masking. We cannot require higher levels of masking than cloth, but please to use the highest level of masking available, which is N95. With omicron being a more infectious strain, we need to be aware of how the various kinds of masks are protecting us. Please consider using at least KN95 or N95 masks at all times (not just in UW spaces.)


Vaccination verification for employees

All new employees must complete their vaccine verification by your first day of employment. 

Emergency resources

UW Safe Campus

UW: Emergency Aid 

The UW Food Pantry: Hours, location and more

City of Seattle: COVID-19 Seattle-area emergency food resources

From the Seattle Times: Food, child care, mental health support and more: Resources to support the community during the coronavirus outbreak.

UW resources on health and security

The WholeU: Virtual fitness and mindfulness classes

IMA: Virtual mindfulness classes including the recorded library

IMA: Virtual group fitness classes

UW Human Resources: UW Emergency Baby and Kid Sitter Network for UW employees in critical positions.

International Student Services: Coronavirus information for F1 & J1 students

College of Engineering resources

Coronavirus information and resources

Archive of the COVID-19 Resources Digest

Online learning resources for students and instructors

Community resources

Comcast / Xfinity: Resources for Internet Connectivity 

Spectrum Mobile: Community Assistance & Internet Access

#PashFam Free Community Resource Bank: Google doc on resources covering creativity, entertainment, financial health, parenting, employment, learning, mental health, physical health, and more.

Rental assistance resources for King, Pierce, Snohomish Counties

UW College of Education: Guides for families during school closures

WA state free and charitable clinics

Mutual aid: Seattle area, Tacoma, Snohomish

COVID-19 relief fund for WA undocumented people

A&A remote desktop servers

A&A offers access to remote Desktop Services via the College of Engineering, Virtual Desktop Interface (or COEVDI for short). Learn more about available services and how to access them

Students will need to have installed and be connected to the UW VPN using the “HUSKYONNET” VPN client, which installs the application called “F5-Big IP Client” on their individual PC’s or Macintosh computers and then will want to connect to these RDP Servers using their UW NetID and UW NetID password by logging on as netid\UWNetIDName.

Department communications archive

Below is the archive of departmental communications related to COVID-19.

Dear members of the UW community,

After three weeks of record high case counts due to the Omicron surge, coronavirus case counts in our region and at the University are declining and are expected to continue to decline. Visit the UW COVID-19 dashboard for current case counts and trends.


The University’s COVID-19 Public Health Requirements and Guidance Flowchart (PDF) was updated to align with CDC’s revised quarantine and isolation guidance. The main changes are:

  • 1. The isolation time period after testing positive is reduced from 10 days to 5 days as long as you are fever-free and your symptoms are improving. However, additional precautions are still required through day 10, including wearing a well-fitted high-quality mask, such as a KN95/N95 or surgical mask when around others at all times and also avoiding travel.
  • 2. You are now required to quarantine after close contact with someone who tested positive if you are not up-to-date on COVID-19 boosters and vaccinations (within 5 months for mrRNA vaccines Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna, and 2 months for J&J).
  • 3. If you are required to quarantine, the time period is reduced from 10 days to 5 days as long as you are not experiencing symptoms. Getting tested after an exposure is still required.
  • 4. Report a positive test result to EH&S via the new online COVID-19 Case Intake Form. There is no need to report test results to EH&S if you tested via the Husky Coronavirus Testing (HCT) voluntary research study. HCT provides test results directly to EH&S.
  • 5. Notify if you experienced an exposure that was potentially related to the workplace or University activities, and you have not already been notified by the University (via a close contact or workplace/classroom notification message). Otherwise, reporting a close contact exposure to EH&S is no longer required. Continue to follow the instructions on the flowchart (PDF) after an exposure and contact EH&S if you have questions.
  • 6. You can now send an anonymous WA Notify exposure notification via your mobile device as soon as possible after testing positive without waiting for a contact tracer to give you a notification code!. EH &S strongly encourages that you activate WA Notify to be notified of potential exposures and to notify others if you test positive.
  • 7. View the University’s updated Quarantine and Isolation Guidance webpage for more information, including guidance for re-testing after testing positive for COVID-19.


  • 1. Level up your facemask: Level up to well fitted KN95/KN94 or N95 respirators, or surg! ical mask . Follow these steps to increase your mask’s protection from the spread of the highly contagious Omicron variant.
  • 2. The Facemask Use Guidance for COVID-19 (PDF) has updated information on the use, care, storage, and disposal of facemasks. Unit administrators are asked to share this guidance and the respirator voluntary use Advisory Information (PDF) to all UW personnel who voluntarily use KF94, KN95, and N95 respirators in the workplace, regardless of whether the respirator was supplied by the University. Unit administrators are encouraged to send this advisory information via email to all personnel in their ! units.
  • 3. The University has purchased surgical and KN95 masks that will be made available to students and the University community at various locations on each campus.
  • 4. Surgical masks, KN95 and N95 masks are available for units to purchase from the Clean and Safe Storefront. (Units procuring surgical, N95 or KN95 masks from another source should refer to this guide to performance standards (PDF) prior to purchasing).
  • 5. Surgical masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, and more can be individually purchased from Healthy Huskies Vending Machines.

Visit the COVID-19 Health and Safety webpage on the EH&S website for additional resources and information.

Please contact with COVID-19 safety questions.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts and partnership to limit COVID-19 transmission and help maintain a healthy and safe University environment for our personnel, students, and visitors. Wishing you a healthy and productive academic quarter!

Katia Harb
Senior Director

Environmental Health & Safety Department

Dear A&A students,

I hope you are all doing well now that we are entering the fifth week of the quarter. As you may have noticed, I do personally keep an eye on the covid stats for the UW, King County and Seattle Public Schools (where my kids are in elementary). We clearly passed the peak of Omicron a couple of weeks ago at the UW (and in King County), and new cases look to have been dropping by half weekly for the last two weeks.

As with Autumn quarter, what enables the in-person research and education activities is the use of appropriate masking, vaccinations and boosters, cleaning, and identification of positive cases through symptomatic people staying home, testing and contact tracing. We still have no known cases of transmission in classes or labs even through the last four weeks. The data show that transmission is happening where people are not appropriately masked.

Operation decisions are data based.
The decisions about when to shift to and return from primarily remote instruction are based on all of these data. And for consistency and fair learning and work conditions, we must all follow these data-based guidelines put forward by the university. If anyone has specific needs for accommodations for their learning environment, I absolutely support working with you to address those needs. But those decisions must be made consistently across the university and not by individuals without consultation. Individual decisions without coordination create expectations that are simply not viable.

Current mode of operation is primarily in-person for all classes.
As you all know from President Cauce's message last week, UW returned to primarily in-person operation today. I would like to further note that the university was not shut down the last four weeks. Dorms are full, research operations continue, and labs such as our junior lab (AA 321) have been taking place in person.

I need all of your help to return all of our classes to in-person operation. As indicated by President Cauce and Provost Richard, all classes must have an in-person experience for all students every week. Everyone has access to high quality masks through the department, the College and the University. Classrooms still have the air filters. Spaces are being cleaned regularly. All data indicates that our classrooms are safe as long as masks are on and worn correctly, even with students sitting in every desk.

Masks available for all department members in A&A main office.
We have a number of masking options available in the main office. We have one style of N95 in hand and are expecting 600 of a second style at some point tomorrow. We also have a supply of KN95 masks. For people who find that a well-fitted surgical mask with a multi-layer cloth mask over the top fits best, we also have surgical masks available. We will replenish the supplies of masks as often as necessary. Please use these masks at all times, not just on campus.

Course accommodations for absent students.
Some people will still become infected with covid, need to care for others with covid, or have any number of other reasons come up that they need to be away from the classroom, so I have reminded all department instructors to have options in all syllabi for how students will have viable pathways to completion of course material. As I think you know, not all of the classrooms are Panopto enabled, so recording can be challenging. Running a live zoom at the same time as lecturing is straightforward, but instructors likely will not be able to monitor the chat while also tracking the in-classroom learning and questions. Betsy, Prof. Shumlak and I are checking in on what the plans are in each classroom, but please reach out at any time with questions.

Thank you so much for all of your work this year! Please let me know of any concerns that you have.

Best regards,
Prof. Morgansen

Dear all,
Please find attached a nominal course template for A&A courses. I will have Amy post this in the intranet for the department in the Academics area (upper left tile when you enter the intranet). Note, the file is subject to change. We'll keep the draft date on the file, so just make sure you have the most recent version. I'll also try to send out messages if there are major updates you should be aware of. If you have suggestions for edits on the template, please reach out to Betsy.

While I cannot require any of you to post a copy of your course materials or your lecture-by-lecture plan for what material you will cover, I am imploring you to please have a list of what materials you have covered in each lecture updated immediately after the lecture and the plan of what to cover in each lecture available on Canvas at least in an unpublished file.

There is a reasonable probability that we will have one or more instructors become ill in the next month, and for continuity of education, the department needs to be able to swap in a substitute. If your course has a TA, the TA is the most likely substitute. Otherwise, I will need to reach out to other faculty (myself included) to step in. Please give substitutes a fighting chance at providing solid instruction for all of our courses. Ideally, I would love to see files in your course canvas sites that are the planned lecture material (just leave the files in a folder that is unpublished).

As an update on the N95 masks, we'll have enough on Monday to hand out to labs for this week, and as more come in, we'll be handing out sets of 4 masks to everyone (reminder that you can reuse them as long as they have sat out in open air for three full days after use).
Please let me know of any questions!

Dear A&A students,

If you have not yet read President Cauce's email, please do so.

We need to ride out this omicron wave this month

I am working with all of the faculty to help them with their planning for moving forward this quarter. While we are all reaching a very high level of covid fatigue, we are hoping that once we move past the omicron peak this month, that we will all be in a much better situation. We need to make adjustments this month, however, to get through.

Check your syllabi Monday morning
I have asked the A&A faculty members to clearly communicate with you about their plans for your courses and what things are going to look like for the rest of the month. They should have each course syllabus updated by Monday morning. Our professors are the best equipped to decide how to maximize your learning and success in class.

Reach out if you have concerns
I am totally committed to your success in our classrooms and labs this quarter. Contact me or fill out the A&A Feedback Form that is monitored by our advising staff who will hold your confidentiality if you have concerns about how a class is proceeding. The advisors, associate chairs, and I are all here to support you.

Check email and Canvas updates
You all need a path to success in your courses, irrespective of whether classes are in person, remote, or hybrid/asynchronous. You can do your part by regularly checking your email and Canvas pages and being responsive to requests from your professors.

Up your mask game
In the meantime, level up your masking. As was stated to me today, this phase of the pandemic is no longer a cloth or surgical mask kind of event. We cannot require higher levels of masking than cloth, but I am urging everyone as strongly as possible to use the highest level of masking available, which is N95. With this more infectious strain, we need to be aware of how the various kinds of masks are protecting us. In particular, please consider using at least KN95 or N95 masks at all times (not just in UW spaces).

N95 masks will be provided to all students in lab/capstone classes
Note that N95 masks can be reused after sitting out in open air for three days. So, to use an N95 mask every day, a total of 4 masks are needed (label them 1-4, then iterate through them one after the other, with the masks not being used sitting out in open air). They can be reused until damaged or lost. More information here: N95 info


Dear A&A students,
I'm writing to follow up with on the messaging from last week with a few reminders.

If you test positive for covid (or have in the last 14 days) by any testing mechanism (rapid antigen at home, PCR test out of state, PCR test somewhere other than Husky Testing, Husky testing), PLEASE NOTIFY EH&S IMMEDIATELY. Send an email to

If you believe you are a close contact, follow the instructions on the flow chart. If you are a close contact (within 6ft for more than 15 mins or more over a 24 hr period), what you need to do depends on whether you are both fully vaccinated and boosted. Follow the flow chart.

I am attaching here the EH&S covid flow chart of what to do in pretty much any circumstance (linked to where you can find it on the EH&S webpage, and it will shortly be on the department webpage).

The N95 masks are arriving today and later this week and will be handed out as soon as we have them. We will be providing full sets of 4 masks to everyone which is enough to wear them all the time (on campus, at home, wherever). Remember that you can air out an N95 mask for three days, then re-wear until it is damaged or lost. We will keep providing N95 masks as long as necessary. So 4 masks is all you need (just label them so you know the order to use them). We cannot require people to wear N95, but I am asking in strongest terms that you do.

Please also be very conscious of wearing masks anytime you are around anyone for whom you do not know their exact covid status (honestly, indoors and outdoors). If you have family and friends who do not have N95 or access to them (or kids like mine who aren't big enough for them to work), there are other options (KN95 is next best or double masking with a surgical mask first, then well-fit cloth). I'll refer you back to the masking info I sent in the message at the end of last week, and we'll get that info up on the department site as well.

Please know that while this next month will be a challenge, the faculty and staff are here to make sure you have a pathway to successfully completing your coursework. Please be assured we will find options if you need to be away from class for a period of time including switching material around, offering full makeup courses if needed or swapping lecture and lab courses around in the curriculum for whoever needs it (like we did for all juniors at the start of the pandemic). I have confidence that even if things need to be a bit creative for some or all of you, we can keep you on track to successfully graduate.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. I'll be stopping in to a number of classes today and tomorrow to reiterate this message and answer any questions. We also have the Town Hall on Wednesday, and we'll have a slido out shortly to start taking questions ahead of time.

Thank you for following all of these guidelines! We'll get through this together!
Best regards,
Prof. Morgansen


Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder, in case there’s a positive Covid case, we follow the guidelines set by EH&S in case, which can be found here.


Thanks so much,

Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics

From: Ed Connery
To: aa-students

Dear Students,

I'm writing to draw your attention to a new page on our department website.

We understand the impacts of COVID-19 have left everyone feeling occasionally unsure about what is, isn't, or might be available in terms of departmental facilities. We also recognize that many of you have multiple roles ranging from "student" to "employee" to "RSO team member." To help keep you better informed regarding the current status of A&A facilities and procedures, we created this page on our website:

COVID-19 Update for Students: A&A Facilities

This page provides an overview of how department facilities are operating, the priorities that impact allowable work, and how student use is currently managed. For future reference, you can find this page as the first item under the "Students" drop down menu on our website.

If you have specific questions that are not clearly addressed on this page, please reach out to the person best suited to address your particular need:

  • Questions about being a student employee (including RA & TAs): Contact your Direct Supervisor
  • Questions about courses or research credits: Contact your Professor or TA
  • Questions about A&A RSO teams: Contact your Club Advisor

For any remaining questions or uncertainty, please feel free to contact me! directly: (I will be away the week of 2/15. But I will return on Monday, 2/22.)

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we know the on-going limitations on in-person work, research, and studying are extremely challenging. Please know that we are working hard to provide as much access and support as safely possible. In the meantime, even when our ability to change the situation is limited, we will keep working to connect you with the best information we have.

As always, we continue to send our best wishes that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy.

Very Sincerely,

From: Rachel Reichert
To: aa-allusers

Dear A&A Faculty, Staff and Students,

I am writing to let you know about some changes to our COVID-19 building procedures and requirements. Please take a moment to read through the following updates.

On Campus Access
As a reminder the UW is in phase II as is King county, and currently only critical personnel as defined by the departmental policies are allowed in A&A spaces on campus. There are only three reasons individuals can be in our buildings: 1. Research on a deadline that requires in-person work in the lab 2. Critical operation to ensure the department is operational that requires in-person activity 3. On a case-by-case basis, faculty who are engaged with teaching remote learning courses

If someone is designated critical personnel, this only gives them access to the space in our buildings to complete their in-person tasks. All other work should continue to be completed remotely.
Common spaces including kitchens, lounges, office spaces and any other spaces not directly related to the in-person tasks are closed.

Critical Personnel Designation Process
We now have a form to request critical personnel designation located here:
Please complete this form to request access for additional individuals.

We are also instituting a new schedule for critical personnel designation. For the following groups, applications must be submitted and approved on a quarterly basis, and access will stop at the end of each quarter:

  • Students approved to work in labs
  • Faculty engaged in remote learning

For a full schedule and details, please see the critical personnel chart on our intranet covid-19 site located here:

Building COVID-19 Prevention Plan Training Requirement
Effective immediately, all individuals who come to campus must review the building prevention plan for Guggenheim and AERB and complete the associated google form to confirm they have read and understood the plan. This plan covers the rules around using hallways, stairs, elevators and approved single occupancy offices. You can view the plans on our intranet here: under the A&A Prevention plans heading. Please complete the quiz for each building to confirm you have read and understand the plan. These quizzes can be found on the intranet site under “A&A Forms.”

Current critical personnel must complete this training by 5pm on Friday August 14th to maintain their status. We will be removing access for all persons for whom this training is not completed by 5pm on August 14.


Rachel Reichert, MA
William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics

From: Kristi Morgansen
To: Students, Faculty, Postdocs, Staff

Dear A&A Student and Faculty,

Thank you for your ongoing partnership in ensuring the health and safety of our community during this pandemic. I want to remind everyone that while the County and UW are in phase 2 of reopening, the College of Engineering is still in phase 1. We are working with the college to provide documents for our department to aid in getting us to phase 2. It is worth noting in both phases, all work that can be completed off site and is non-critical in nature must be performed remotely.

In reviewing our priorities and needs for space, we are prioritizing the health and safety of our department members as well as the teaching and research mission of the UW. To that end our priorities will remain opening spaces to support deadline-constrained research that cannot be completed remotely as well as opening spaces directly in support of courses offered during the academic year. All such openings must be done in a manner that is consistent with Covid-19 safety requirements. Until we reach phase IV, we will continue to require any work that does not need to be in person to be completed remotely.

With this in mind, we have made the decision to keep the student, postdoc and visitor offices closed until we reach phase IV. These spaces include the following rooms:

  • AERB 120, 228, 230, 234, 341, 428, 430
  • Guggenheim 217, 306, 307, 316a, 318F

To help in supporting the remote work experience, VDI servers are now available through the College of Engineering This technology allows students to have a consistent experience and access to programs when they remote login to use our computer lab tools. To use the VDI servers, please see for instructions.

If you find that you need something that is stored in one of these spaces, please contact Rachel Reichert ( to arrange a time to pick up your items.

Also, it is worth highlighting that the current approvals that allow some of our research labs to open only cover research work that is required to be in person and in that lab. Please continue to do any work that can be completed remotely offsite.

Best regards,
Prof. Morgansen

Hello Faculty,

You are receiving this email because you have an approved SOP on file and your lab is open.

Now that your lab is open, your employees should be tracking the time they spend in your lab on your lab's COVID calendar, and submitting attestations through Workday (if they are employed) each time they are on campus. It is the department's duty to make sure we are in compliance by ensuring that these actions are happening. To do this, we are asking you to do the following each week. Unfortunately, only you, as the supervisor of the employees in your lab, can do this. This can not be delegated.

Every Monday in Workday, please run report R0654 and send the results to Below are detailed instructions for doing this.

1. Log into Workday.

2. Once you are logged in, type "R0654" into the search bar at the top of the screen

3. Select the "Employee COVID-19 Attestation Response by Date Audit for Managers" report.

4. Enter the date range of Monday 12am through Sunday 11:59pm for the week before...

5. Once the data has populated, click the 'Export to Excel' button (circled in red on the image below). Or, if the report is taking awhile to process, you can choose the Notify Me Later option. To find the report, click the CLOUD ICON located in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click 'My Reports'.

6. Email the report to Please do this every Monday. It might be helpful to put a reminder on your calendar for every Monday morning. :)

Let me know if you have any questions.



Dear all,

To follow up on my earlier message, I'll provide more detailed guidance here for staff and faculty/PIs in the department. A separate message will go to the students tomorrow. I realize a great deal of information has been sent from a number of sources, but for everyone's health and safety, please do read this message carefully. Most of us have both employees (RAs) and non-employees (students doing research for credit) in our groups, so we need to all be aware of the information below.

As stated in the prior message: You should not be coming to campus without written authorization.

Further: No one should be on campus without having provided an attestation of health for each day on campus. This policy applies to everyone: faculty, staff, students and visitors. A suggestion from another department is to set a calendar reminder on your phone or other device to remind you to do the attestation before coming to campus.

We are required by UW to be able to provide, at any time, an audit of who has been in our department buildings and their proof of attestation for any period of time since May 5.

Authorization for on campus activities

For research to be approved, whether in a lab or a shared office space, an updated SOP must be approved by EH&S and filed with the department along with documentation of personnel trained in the SOP. Please send the final SOP to Rachel Reichert and Dana Dabiri

Research taking place in single occupancy offices does not require an SOP.

Any PPE and cleaning supplies needed to execute the updated SOPs should be provided to the department administrator as UW is centrally coordinating all purchasing for such items.

A google calendar needs to be created and updated regularly for each lab with the details for who will be on campus each day including faculty members. This calendar must be shared with AA HR and AA Tech Services David will be providing instructions on the calendering in the next day or so.

Also please note, PIs are responsible for ensuring all requirements are met to open and maintain operations in compliance with Covid 19 requirements are maintained.

Employees through WorkDay (all faculty, all staff, postdocs, RAs, TAs)

The attestations for employees are handled through the WorkDay HR system. The link to the WorkDay attestation is on the main page when you log in.

Nonemployees (fellowship grad students, students enrolled in courses)

At this time the only non-employee individuals who can be cleared for on-campus activities related to research are students. No visitors or volunteers are permitted. Students who are engaged in research that is on campus must be enrolled in course credits or employed by the Department. For any vendors or contractors, please contact Rachel Reichert

All student academic activities are off campus for courses in spring quarter, courses that are full summer term and courses that are summer A term. No students should need to be on campus for academic reasons for at least these periods of time. If a student needs to retrieve items from department spaces, please have them contact the department administrator, Rachel Reichert, and she will work with the student.

The only students, whether employees or enrolled in courses, who should be coming to campus are those who are actively engaged in research that has been approved to proceed.

Nonemployees should fill out the attestation form.

*Also please note, PIs are responsible for ensuring all requirements to open and maintain operations in compliance with Covid 19 safety are maintained. Failure to maintain SOP requirements and proper attestations will result in immediate shutdown of on-campus research activities for a given lab.

Thank you for your attention to the health and safety of all members of our community!

Best regards,
Kristi A. Morgansen

Hi Colleagues,

In anticipation of the state allowing us to resume our research in our labs, I’d like to encourage you all to start developing your COVID-19 SOPs and send them to EHS for approval. Carl wrote an excellent COVID-19 SOP for the KWT, and based on it, I developed mine which I’ve attached for you all as guidance. Since the COVID guidelines are constantly changing, I’m attaching mine, as it is the latest, and also since I’ve included the referenced websites and pdfs as links. I would encourage you all to do the same as this will keep your SOPs more current, since the COVID changes will be made on these websites and online pdfs – it would, though, require that you periodically check these links to ensure your practices are also current.

Once you write your SOPs, please email them to these personnel at EHS below, and please cc to me as well. If they need to include other personnel due to the specifics of your lab, they’ll be sure to include them.

Natalie Daranyi:
Denise Bender:
Brandon Kemperman:
Tracy Harvey:

It might take a few back-and-forth until your SOP is finalized, but once it is, please forward it to Rachel, and cc to me as well. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Best Wishes, Dana

To: aa-staff, aa-faculty, aa-postdocs, aa-grads
From: David Wilson
Subject: Recent Updates to Zoom Settings . . .


In the ongoing efforts of UW-IT to both support online instruction and to make it a worthwhile and safe undertaking for both our faculty and staff, and the student population… They have made several changes to the ‘default’ settings for Zoom as detailed on this IT Connect Update from UW-IT.

Some of these changes may impact your instruction, and we’ve already posted a step-by-step process for turning back on group Chat in Zoom yesterday… A lot of work and effort has gone into dealing with behaviors of both Zoom and the very small number (fingers crossed!) of ‘knuckleheads’ that want to use the technology for their own entertainment… I remain committed to support our primary mission of delivering instruction to our students, and I’m ready to try and help you solve issues that may arise and to support your efforts!

Senior Computer Specialist

From: Stanley Choi and Danyel Hacker
To: aa-students

Dear campus community,

As we launch into spring quarter with remote learning, Hall Health Mental Health and the Counseling Center wanted to share answers to questions you may have about the mental health resources available for students, as we cope with COVID-19 stress.

Will Let’s Talk be available? (Drop-in informal counseling with counseling professionals)

This quarter we are piloting Let’s Talk online.  Let’s Talk will be offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 2-4pm.

What mental health services are available?

Students who are interested in mental health services are able to schedule a secure online appointment with a counselor.  Individual, group and crisis counseling are available via secure online video sessions. Students can also access online workshops and other content to enhance your well-being and self-care.

Hall Health Mental Health

Counseling Center

· Psychiatric medication management

· Group counseling

· Brief individual counseling

· Crisis response

· Online workshops

· Brief individual counseling

· Crisis response



Call 206-543-5030 to make an appointment

Call 206-543-1240 to make an appointment

What can I expect from an online appointment with the Counseling Center or Hall Health Mental Health?

We will meet with you via secure online video sessions and can discuss your concerns. We will then work collaboratively with you to develop a plan for next steps. Next steps may include effective coping strategies, a follow-up appointment, or referral to other resources.

Who should I contact for mental health services?

Both Hall Health Mental Health and the Counseling Center offer similar counseling services. If you already have a provider at Hall Health or you are interested in medication, Hall Health may be a good place to start. If you do not have access to health insurance, the Counseling Center may be a good place to start. Either way, the professionals at both places can help direct you to the appropriate service.

What additional option will be available this quarter to attend to my mental wellbeing?

There are a number of resources available online, including:

· The centralized wellness website, which includes self-help mindfulness resources

· Sanvello is a mobile app that helps you monitor your wellbeing and teaches you coping strategies.  Its premium content is currently free in response to additional stress related to COVID-19.

· UW Recreation is offering several yoga, mindfulness and nutrition series online

· How to cope with COVID-related stress



Natacha Foo Kune, Ph.D.   and    Meghann Gerber, Ph.D.
Counseling Center                         Hall Health Mental Health           
206.543.1240                                  206-543-5030

From: David Wilson
To: aa-faculty, aa-staff, aa-corestaff, aa-postdocs
Subject: Short Video Tutorial on Using "Breakout Rooms" in Zoom


Since we have gone to an all on-line method of delivering instruction, a LOT of time and energy has gone into creating curriculum that works in that environment by all of us…

The folks from UW Instructional Technology have a full series of Teaching Remotely at UW courses that are available within Canvas, including a full session on Zoom. The link to self-enroll yourself into the Zoom Workshop is here:

One of the key takeaways from any of these sessions is to make the technology fit and support YOUR teaching methods and at a level of technology-to-human interaction that you are comfortable with. There are a LOT of functions available within Zoom that do not get used in the day-to-day use of an average Zoom session, and one of these that could be an advantage to classroom interactions is the “Breakout Room”.

First, there is a very short (less than 3 minutes) video from Zoom that shows you how Breakout Rooms in their simplest form function from within Zoom:

The purpose of Breakout Rooms in Zoom is to allow a large group to be broken into smaller groups for discussion or project oriented purposes… The following Information School (or iSchool for short) video walks you through the process of pre-creating and assigning Breakout Rooms via a CSV (Comma Separated Value) spreadsheet, and Zoom even includes the template for building these rooms within the Web Portal (the Zoom Web Portal) requires you to log into Zoom via a browser by logging into the following URL:

As always, if you need any additional help or wish to test this functionality within a Zoom session I am available to be added as a participant to try and help you with the process of using this technology in your Zoom sessions!

Senior Computer Specialist

From: Kristi Morgansen
To: aa-allusers, mae-grads
Subject: Department Town Hall: Mon, 4/6, 4pm

Dear All,

Now that we're a couple of days into Spring Quarter, I'd like to welcome everyone "back" to the department and to UW. I hope that everyone was able to get a bit of rest over Spring Break. As we settle into a most unusual Spring Quarter, I want to ensure we continue to communicate with each other, voice our needs, and share resources.

On Monday, 4/6/2020 (4pm), we will host a department Town Hall Meeting via Zoom. I will use a few minutes to offer any new updates I can, and our IT Manager, David Wilson, will share an overview of the department's computer resources. Beyond that, I expect to use most of the time to hear from you and answer your questions.

Spring 2020, Aero & Astro Department Town Hall
Monday, 6 April; 4pm (Pacific)

There will be ample time to ask questions during the meeting. However, I created this online forum where you can share your thoughts, comments, and questions in advance. As things come to mind -- anything at all -- please share them here.
event code: #L823

In addition to the Town Hall slido forum, we still have our confidential "Feedback" form on the department website. I encourage you to use that system to send us your questions, comments, or concerns. You can find the Feedback link on the right side of all Student pages of our website.

Very Sincerely,
Professor Morgansen

From: Amy Sprague
To: aa-allusers
Subject: A&A: Critical resources available and more

Hello A&A,

We at the department hope you are all doing well and are safe and healthy. We have added a few items to our main A&A coronavirus resource page. You can find this link from our A&A homepage.

Resources include food assistance, information for international students, emergency babysitting network for critical employees, internet access and more.

There are also new links from the WholeU and the IMA for virtual mindfulness and fitness classes. These are all free, so please take advantage! 

If you have suggestions for additional resources for this page, please do let me know. You can also reach out to myself or other A&A staff if you are finding something particularly challenging.

Stay well,


Amy Sprague | PM & Communications | UW Aero & Astro
206.543.6736 | | @uwaeroastro |

To: aa-allusers
From: Kristi Morgansen
Subject: Fwd: [Engr-excom] $200K Ventilator Design
---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Nancy Allbritton <>
Date: Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 7:53 AM
Subject: [Engr-excom] FW: $200K Ventilator Design Challenge
To: <>


From: <council-of-chairs-bmes@googlegroups.comOn Behalf Of David Juncker, Prof.
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 7:15 AM
Subject: $200K Ventilator Design Challenge

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share a CAD $200K ventilator design challenge for COVID-19 patients to address the shortage of available ventilators. The Challenge is lead by Code and the Montreal General Hospital foundations. The designs are due end of March 2020, but I am sure many people in your community already started designing ventilators, and this could be an opportunity for them to energize their project, and get wider exposure.

The details and rules are posted there, and participants can sign up to begin.

Please distribute widely!

Stay safe.

Best wishes


David Juncker, PhD

Professor & Chair

Biomedical Engineering Department

Canada Research Chair in Bioengineering


McGill University                        Tel:  + 1 (514) 398 7676

Genome Centre               

740, Dr. Penfield Av. #6206

Montreal, QC, H3A 0G1            


To: aa-faculty, aa-postdocs, aa-staff
From: Kristi Morgansen
Subject: Action Required Today by 5pm - AA Research Active Faculty

Dear AA Faculty, Postdocs and Staff,

As you know, Governor Inslee has issued a stay at home order that begins tonight at 5 pm.  This means effective 5 pm today all in-person work on campus in our department must cease until the end of the stay at home order.  The only exception to this requirement is those who are deemed as completing critical activities. The dean’s office has requested a list of individuals for our department who meet this requirement.  

They must meet one of the following criteria to be identified as critical:

1. Employees, including faculty, academic personnel, and staff, critical to supporting remote learning.  This includes faculty who require access to campus to facilitate remote instruction (example: access to specific technology).

2. Employees conducting COVID and public health research, and research employees critical to maintaining research and operational continuity.

3. Critical state workers designated as necessary to maintain university (including clinical) operational   continuity, including, facilities, utilities, transportation, human resources, information technology, financial services, employee health and safety, communications, housing and food services.

4. Research that is essential to meet thesis requirements for a final defense in Spring Quarter.

Please use this google form to send a list of identified individuals with their criteria category included.

*Please note anyone who is not identified and added to this list will not be identified as critical and cannot be on campus. *

Best regards,


From: Danyel Hacker

To: aa-grads

Subject: Graduate Exams in Spring Quarter

Hi Everyone,

>With the recent announcement that Spring 2020 instruction will be entirely online and all common departmental spaces are closed, I'm sure many of you are wondering how this will impact your MS Thesis presentations or doctoral exams next quarter.

Many graduate exams in the past few weeks were successfully held via Zoom and we will continue to hold exams and thesis presentations remotely throughout spring quarter. Once you have identified a time that works for your committee and are ready to schedule your exam, please email me the date and time, the title of your exam, and the Zoom meeting link. If you need help setting up a Zoom meeting, just let me know and we can work through it.

The Graduate School has made modifications to its requirements on video conferencing in doctoral exams to accommodate current circumstances. No one can be required to physically participate in exams, and we strongly encourage all exam participation to be remote. Departmental conference rooms are closed throughout the quarter and will not be reserved for exams as they have in the past.

MS thesis presentations, general exams, and final exams should be easily accommodated via Zoom. We realize the qualifying exam is more challenging to conduct via Zoom given the questions at a whiteboard component. This is something we will actively work to find an appropriate solution to before the oral qualifying exams take place in June.

For many of us this is a stressful time filled with anxiety, so if there's anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to reach out. I have remote advising appointments available ( and am checking email as well. I've been having a lot of conversations with my dog lately, so even if you just need to talk to a person about something/anything I get it, and I'm here.


Danyel Hacker


Academic Adviser, Graduate Programs

Dear A&A Faculty, Post-Docs and Staff,

As a follow up to my message last week, I wanted to send some details regarding 1) research lab operations and revised SOPs, 2) fiscal paperwork, purchasing, travel and order delivery and 3) cleaning supplies.  I also wanted to note that the main administrative office (GUG 211D) will continue to be closed through Spring quarter.  

Standard Operating Procedures for Research Labs, KWT, 3x3 Wind Tunnel and Machine Shop

All research labs, Kirsten Wind Tunnel (KWT), 3x3 wind tunnel and the machine shop need to update their standard operating procedures (SOP) to include social distancing and cleaning guidelines.  Please incorporate the Environmental Health & Safety guidelines that are attached to this email. These will need to be updated and in place by March 27th in order to continue operations.  Please send a copy of your updated SOP to Dana Dabiri

A&A, KWT and 3X3 Wind Tunnel Machine Shop Operations

These facilities are currently staffed and are accepting requests for space access as well as manufacturing jobs. However, until further notice, access for department members will be restricted to sponsored research only. Please continue to submit your requests as you currently do to Carl Knowlen (KWT), Dzung Tran (Machine Shop) and Owen Wilson (3x3 Wind tunnel)

All student related design/build activities, both academic and RSO, will be cancelled effective 03/20/2020.  Capstone related work will be evaluated once new revised plans for spring quarter are in place.  Additional communication to students and instructors will be forthcoming.

Fiscal Paperwork, Purchasing, Travel and Order Delivery

Currently the entire finance team is working remotely, but they are available via email and their office phone numbers during business hours.  Please continue to send your purchasing and travel requests and questions to as appropriate. Please do not send requests to personal work email addresses, as they might not be taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Be aware of three new changes in the processing of requests:

  1. Electronic Paperwork
    At this time please send all new travel reimbursements and purchasing requests via the above email addresses.  We are not accepting paper copies of reimbursement or travel requests.  To have your travel, purchasing and reimbursement requests processed, please send scanned images or photos of your forms to the email addresses above as appropriate.
  2. Procard and Direct Purchases
    If you place any orders directly via ARIBA or procard, please use Mailing Services main address as your delivery address:
    Aeronautics and Astronautics
    ℅ Mailing Services
    3900 7th Ave NE,
    Seattle, WA 98195.

    At the time you place your order, please also send an email to so we can help coordinate pick up with mailing services. 
    We are working on the details but you can expect an email later this week with instructions on how to submit your procard reconciliation electronically, starting with the current (March) transaction cycle (due in early April).
  3. Order Delivery and Pick Up
    We will be picking up mail and delivered orders on Tuesday and Friday mornings from mailing services.  You can expect to receive an email from to arrange pick up of your order on these dates.  If you have an item that you see has been delivered or you need to pick it up sooner than our schedule, please email to arrange a pick up time directly.

Cleaning Supplies
We placed an order a couple weeks ago for cleaning supplies which are still on back-order. Once we receive these supplies, Rachel will be in touch with labs to coordinate delivering some to each of you.
If you have questions regarding any of these details, please contact Rachel via email at or phone at 206-616-1116.



Dear A&A Faculty, Post-Docs and Staff,

As a follow up to Kristi's email below requesting updated SOPs, please submit your updated SOPs here.

Please note in addition to submitting an updated SOP, you will want to ensure all lab members are provided with live, interactive training on the updates to your SOP. This must be completed by April 3rd.

Thanks, Rachel


To: Students CC: Emeritus, Grad Advising, Undergrad Advising, Corestaff, Faculty, Susan Murphy

Subject: Updates on A&A Teaching, Learning, and Working in Spring Quarter

Dear Students,

As a follow-up to my message regarding facilities closures, I wanted to send additional information about what you can expect in spring quarter.

First, please remember the department is maintaining a list of informational and service resources on our website:

Please also remember that Stanley and Danyel actively maintain Canvas pages for all undergraduate and graduate students. Information and updates sent in email will also be posted there for future reference. All declared/admitted A&A students and A&A faculty have access to these canvas pages:

A&A Undergraduate Student Canvas Site:

A&A Graduate Student Canvas Site:

Below are updates regarding several aspects of teaching/learning in the department for spring quarter. As more information becomes available, or if anything chances, we will continue to notify you at your official UW email address.


The advising staff are working remotely, but they are working. Please continue to reach out via email and/or book individual appointments to discuss your needs:

Academic advising contact information


Per the University’s announcement on 3/18/2020, Spring 2020 instruction will be offered exclusively online. No in-person course meetings, office hours, review sessions, or lab sections are permitted. A vast majority of our courses are lecture based and can be moved into a webcast (typically Zoom) format. However two undergraduate courses will require changes:

AA 322, “Aerospace Lab II”. AA 322 involves extensive teamwork and building/testing activities that cannot be safely accommodated this quarter. In light of this limitation, AA 322 will be removed from the Spring 2020 time schedule. AA 460, “Propulsion” will be scheduled in its place for Spring 2020, and AA 322 is planned to be offered in Autumn 2020. These schedule updates will appear on your registration during the next week. There is no action required at this time. We will ensure that this change does not prevent any student’s ability to graduate on time. Contact Stanley ( with graduation questions.

AA 411/421, Capstone. All instructional labs in the department are closed to students until further notice. This will necessitate a shift in the planning and execution of senior capstone design. Seniors enrolled in capstone will receive detailed updates regarding new processes and expectations in the first week of spring quarter. Many details are still undecided, but teams can expect that the first portion of spring will include rescoping design timelines and deliverables. Though details are still emerging, senior capstone will continue, and the class of 2020 will be able to graduate on time.


RSOs, including design-build teams, are prohibited from all meetings and activities on campus. This includes using department offices and lab space for designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing hardware (e.g., AA Machine Shop, KWT 101 & 102, AERB 013).

We recognize and share the deep disappointment this represents for everyone who has spent months working toward design-build competitions and related activities. However, health and safety are our greatest concerns and there can be no exceptions to the prohibition of student work on campus this spring. We will contact the student leaders of our design-build teams in the near future to discuss how the department can best support your continued success going forward.

In the meantime, all RSOs are encouraged to use online meeting tools to maintain communication and provide valuable community to their members.

GRADUATE STUDENT EXAMS (Thesis Presentations, Qual, General, Final)

Graduate students will be able to complete examinations and final thesis presentations in the spring and graduate on time. Examination formats will be adjusted to allow everyone to participate safely and substantively. Danyel will distribute details in email and on Canvas. Please email her directly with any questions or concerns (


The department computer lab is closed until further notice. The department will reassess the safety and feasibility of reopening the computer lab when campus libraries resume normal operations.

Access to educational software is available through remote computing tools. Department staff are actively working to expand and reinforce remote computing resources for students. Updates will be posted on our website. For technical problems, continue to email David at


No existing ASE appointments or offers will be cancelled or rescinded as a result of changes in spring quarter teaching, etc. TA course assignments are being actively reviewed and revised in light of the changing instructional landscape. TAs will receive assignments in the early part of next week. Your extended patience on this detail has been especially appreciated.

SHARED STUDENT OFFICES (Graduate Students, RA/TAs, etc.)

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to work remotely. Anyone with a shared office is especially encouraged to do so. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing needed resources for remote work, please contact your supervisor and “cc” Ed (

We understand that remote work may be impossible at certain times. Any work done on campus must happen within strict social distancing guidelines. We will contact students with desks in shared spaces to develop appropriate safety measures in the coming days.


Non-instructional, funded research is allowed to continue at this time. However, all work must happen in accordance with strict social distancing guidelines. If you have been working in a faculty lab doing sponsored research, please contact your faculty supervisor to understand how lab operations and facilities access will be managed in spring quarter.

Your academic advisor (Stanley or Danyel) will be able to advise you on how to manage research credits (299, 499, etc). Many of those details will be available in the first week of spring quarter.

I am incredibly proud of how everyone in the department is handling this most difficult situation. Please continue to take care of yourselves and one another. Be safe, and do not hesitate to reach out for any of the resources that are available or just to say hello and check in.

Best regards,

Prof. Morgansen


To: Students

Subject: Time Sensitive! Please Collect Personal Items from Denton Room and Computer Room!

Dear Students,

Things are unfolding rapidly (we know you're feeling it too), so we're working to get you the best information! as quick ly as possible. Before the end of the day tomorrow, you will recieve some more in-depth updates about everything from computing resources, to spring classes, safety in shared office spaces, etc.

However, I wanted to offer an immediate follow-up regarding the imminent closure of the Computer Lab and the Denton Room.

If you have any personal items in those rooms -- anything at all -- please collect them immediately. Those spaces will be closed and inaccessible by Monday, 3/23.  I hope it's obvious that we will not throw away personal property. But we really want to avoid a situation where you are cut off from your stuff and/or staff are having to wrangle unattended items. 

I hope the end of finals week is going as well as possible and that you are all staying safe and healthy.




To: aa-allusers 

Subject: Update Regarding Department Resources & Facilities

Dear A&A Community,

I want to echo Dr. Cauce in thanking you all for your extraordinary professionalism, dedication and sacrifice for the public good. I also want to assure everyone that our departmental operations are aligned with this university-wide charge. Please take a moment to read important updates below.

Additional messages will be sent ! to our de partment community groups (faculty, students, etc.) with more information and greater detail on what to expect in spring quarter. Continue to monitor your campus email account closely for forthcoming information.

1. Departmental Webpage with Resources

I am excited to share this new webpage where we are collecting information and resources to help everyone navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead. Please bookmark and check this page often for updates.

A&A Website: Coronavirus & COVID-19 Resources

2. Closing Buildings and Common Facilities

Effective Friday, March 20th, our buildings will be locked and closed to the public. This includes Guggenheim, AERB, and both wind tunnel facilities (KWT and 3x3). Keys and CAAMS access will continue to be generally available. However, in light of the ongoing public health concerns, the department is implementing additional restrictions on use of certain spaces.

All common departmental spaces, including conference rooms and instructional labs, will be closed until the end of spring quarter. Please be aware that existing conference room reservations will be cancelled starting tomorrow, Friday, 3/20.

The spaces included are: 

Conference & Meeting Spaces

  • GUG 211D
  • GUG 305
  • GUG 312
  • AERB 130
  • GUG 205 (Denton Study Lounge)

For meetings and collaborations, please take advantage of the remote work resources provided by the university. You can also write to our IT Specialist, David (, for help with finding and using the best tools for your needs.

Instructional Spaces

  • GUG 212 (Computer Lab)
  • AERB 117 (Instructional Lab)
  • AERB 139 & 221; KWT 101 & 102 (Capstone / Design-build Labs)

Students will receive detailed updates in the coming days regarding spring quarter changes impacting lab courses, capstone, and RSO-based design-build activities.

3. A&A Machine Shop Operations

The machine shop is currently staffed and Dzung is accepting requests for space access as well as manufacturing jobs. However, until further notice, access for department members will be restricted to sponsored research only. Please continue to submit your requests to Dzung directly (

These changes will require us to be flexible, creative, and patient in the coming months. But I am confident our department is ready! to do ou r very best in the face of challenging circumstances. Thank you again for your dedication and positive spirit!

Best regards,


Kristi A. Morgansen, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
William E. Boeing Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Box 352400
University of Washington
Seattle, WA  98195-2400

pronouns:  she/her/hers
voice: (206) 616-5950   fax: (206) 543-0217

To grads, faculty, research-staff, 

Subject: Message from Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research re: COVID-19

All - I wanted to make sure everyone saw this message from Mary Lindstrom, Vice Provost for Research...

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Linda Gamman <>
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 5:51 PM
Subject: [UW Administration] Message from Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research re: COVID-19
To: <>

Message sent on behalf of Mary Lidstrom, Vice Provost for Research

Dear Colleagues,!

First, let me thank you for the extraordinary work you are doing to support your research groups through this unprecedented time. As you have probably heard, the UW will be holding classes online for the duration of spring quarter, and you are likely wondering what that will mean for research. Even as many research universities around the country close their research facilities and buildings, I want to assure you that the UW is doing everything possible to keep our research programs open and productive, while also protecting the health and safety of our students, postdocs, faculty, and staff. 

My goal in this communication is to provide you with guidance and resources to help you in planning during this time when constraints due to COVID-19 are constantly evolving and changing how we conduct research. How we plan can minimize the negative impact we may experience. Here is how you can help.

Research Considerations

  • Make sure your research business continuity plan is up to date and share it with your group. Consider documenting critical step-by-step instructions.
  • Please encourage everyone in your research group to work at home if they can. It is a great time to analyze data, write proposals and progress reports, and get caught up on manuscripts (especially working on that review you have been wanting to write). Students may be able to write the first chapter or two of their thesis, or work on a portion of an upcoming progress report or General Exam document. I encourage you to set up journal clubs and hold them remotely, if you have not already done so.!
  • Discuss plans with each member of your research team; it may be useful to have a regular remote check-in on weekly plans and progress. Remember, everyone should be able to find a way to stay productive even if they are working at home (see HR policy and advice).
  • For those who continue working at UW research facilities, remind them to NOT COME IN IF THEY ARE SICK, and encourage frequent hand-washing.
  • Maintain social distancing. If it is difficult to maintain social distance due to crowding, you will need to work out shifts and set up schedules so that the number of people working at any one time does not preclude the ability to keep social distance. Ensure that research team members are able to arrange personal interactions to maintain a comfortable six -foot distance from each other.
  • Cross-train research staff to fill in for others who may be out sick or unable to come to work.
  • Remember to be as accommodating as possible for the members of your research team; each person will have unique circumstances. Regular and frequent communication is key for your research group.
  • If you feel that the best course of action for your research group is to ramp down your research activities, you should do so. Every situation will be different. If you do begin to ramp down, please be sure to address the issues noted below in the section, “Guidance for the Possibility of a Research Facility Shutdown.”

Office of Sponsored Programs and Human Subjects Division

The Office of Research has continuity plans in place so our work can continue. OSP is able to access all UW and sponsor systems remotely to e-support proposal handling, award acceptance, issuance of subawards, handling of non-award agreements, and pre- and post-award activities. HSD and the UW IRBs are fully functional and operating remotely at our standard capacity, however,! please l ook for further messaging from HSD regarding a temporary halt of some human subjects research. Priority will be given to inquiries, requests, applications, and modifications related to SARS-COV-2 or COVID-19 research, or their impacts on other research. We are prioritizing our workload to accommodate changes in our work environment and we are strategizing to handle the expected increase in workload (within our current constraints) due to COVID-19.

Other Research Support Offices

Please use the links listed below to access information on other research support offices. They are all open and functioning, and each has important information for research continuity.

Building Access and Security!

Finally, for security, UW buildings have moved to a locked mode, similar to on weekends or holidays, so you and your research team will still have access. Your building coordinator will be working on plans for deliveries, but make sure you have a plan for communication with anyone who might not have after-hours access but has legitimate access needs (such as an undergraduate researcher or a repair person, for instance). You will need to call ahead for access to recharge facilities that are in a different building. Note that some of these facilities are curtailing hours and/or services, so it is wise to check in advance anyway.

Although there are no plans to restrict access to UW research facilities to those who currently have after-hours access, this is a rapidly evolving situation and coul! d change. As the Governor noted yesterday, they are considering all potential options. It is prudent to plan, just in case, and some ideas are listed below. In addition, as we have seen around the nation, two-week quarantines are a real possibility. Plan ahead and challenge your research group to consider what each would do if they could not come to the UW tomorrow.

Guidance for the Possibility of a Research Facility Shutdown

  • Prepare for a significant drop in support services on which you depend. By thoughtfu! l plannin g you may be able to minimize the long-term impacts on your research.
  • Make sure all data is backed up on the cloud, that all labile materials are stored appropriately, and that all instruments are shut down every night. Plan as if you may not have access tomorrow.
  • Take stock of your inventory and pre-order reagents and suppl! ies that have long shelf lives. Consider those that have had long shipping delays in the past and order early. Make sure your critical consumables (gloves, pipette tips, growth media, etc.) are in stock.
  • Plan for keeping equipment functional and safe.
  • Repairs performed by Facilities and other service providers may be delayed. Consider scheduling those now.!
  • Check on updates from UW research units like the Office of Animal Welfare and EH&S for further guidance (see links at the bottom of this email). 

Keep up the good work, wash your hands, and stay safe!

Mary Lidstrom

Vice Provost for Research

Key Resources

Mitigating Impacts to Research Activities Due to COVID-19

UW Novel coronavirus & COVID-19: facts and resources

Hu! man Subje cts Division COVID-19

Office of Sponsored Programs (see Announcements)

Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Animal Welfare

King County Public Health Coronavirus Disease 2019

CDC Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)