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Truck Rental Form

The A&A Department owns a white 1991 Toyota pick up truck with Washington exempt license number 18170E.

This vehicle is to be used for departmental business and during business hours only. See Kim Maczko in Guggenheim 211F to arrange use of vehicle outside normal business hours.

Compliance with laws and regulations: It is the operator’s obligation to adhere to all civil and university policies on the use and operation of motor vehicles. For example, any parking or moving violation citations incurred are the responsibility of the driver. Moving violations or violation of UW or department policy may result in loss of access to the vehicle. Read the UW vehicle use guidelines found under Policies; note especially Administrative Policy Statements and Authorized Drivers and Passengers.

Drivers/Passengers: All drivers must present a valid driver’s license. Drivers and passengers must be faculty, staff, or students of the A&A Department. Employees or students of other departments or others who may qualify as passengers must have prior departmental authorization.

Students, please note: In order to rent the truck, we must first receive written permission from the PI whose budget you will be using authorizing you to charge to their budget.

Cost: $12.00/hour; minimum charge one quarter hour.

Reservations: The reservation records and keys to the vehicle will be held at the reception desk in 211 Guggenheim Hall. 

Instructions for Reserving the Truck

  1. Sign in to Google Calendar using your "" account.
  2. Click the red “Create” button in the upper left to create a new reservation. Fill in the title, date, and time for your reservation.
  3. Click the “Rooms, etc.” link next to the Add button in the right column of the page. You’ll see a list of available rooms/resources. The truck is listed toward the bottom of the list.
  4. Click the blue “Add” link next to the truck. (Note: If you don’t see the truck listed that means someone else has it reserved on that date & time. Pick a new date & time.)
  5. Save your reservation using the red “Save” button near the top left corner of the page.

Check-out: At the time the key is picked up, the driver must present a valid driver’s license and complete the check-out portion of this truck rental form including name, contact information, budget number, destination and departure time.

Check-in: Return keys promptly after trip. Complete the check-in portion of the truck use form, including return time, parking location (see map) and gas meter readings.

Parking: The vehicle may be parked in any UW parking space except for those spaces reserved for handicapped drivers. No permits are required for entering campus. Upon return the vehicle should be preferably be parked on the ramp outside the GUG 115 Machine Shop door, as shown in the above images. If the vehicle is not parked there, its location must be reported upon return of keys.

Accidents: All collisions/accidents must be reported to the University Police within 24 hours. If an injury is involved, call the University Police immediately at (206) 543-9331. Collect calls will be accepted. In addition, when a collision/accident involves personal injury, death, or damage to the property of any one owner to the apparent extent of $700 or more, it must be reported to the city police, county sheriff, or Washington State Patrol within 24 hours.

Do not return the truck empty of fuel!

Fuel: Gasoline is available from the UW Motor Pool Service Station, located at the north end of the Plant Services Building on 25th NE during business hours. A purchase requires a form available from Motor Pool and budget #14-1015 (return fuel purchase form to A&A with keys). User will be credited a quarter-hour to compensate for time lost. Do not fuel at commercial gas stations.