AER Facilities

Facility Operations Guidelines


We want A&A resource users to be safe at all times. Any resource user must be fully trained in safe equipment operation procedures and certified by engineering and shop staff and observing the provisions of the Shop & Equipment Use Policy. Some equipment may simply too dangerous, complex, or expensive to repair for most customers to use.

Fiscal Accountability

The A&A department has invested a lot of time, money, and effort to create facilities and procure equipment that enable and support our instructional and research goals. To assure the continued availability of these resources, usage fees are collected to fund the payment of ongoing maintenance and operations expenses. Funding sources include research budgets and departmental operations funds, as well as student lab fees.

Scheduling Use

Equipment use must be scheduled and coordinated with engineering and/or shop staff, allowing proper verification of operator qualifications and resource availability. We need to know who's using equipment and when, partly for operator safety but also for proper accounting of equipment use fees.

  • Verify the customer understands and meets operator standards.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts.
  • Assure ancillary equipment and consumables availability.
  • Verify customer's ability to pay.

Improper and unscheduled use exposes the department to safety violations and repair expenses. All jobs must be scheuled through the Engineering & Machine Shop managers.