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Machine Shop Policy

Equipment Access

For personal safety and equipment security, access to the machine shop and its tools and equipment is restricted to those individuals expressly permitted by the AA Shop manager. Permission is strictly limited to the use of the equipment on which the user has been certified by designated AA staff.

  • Off-Limit Areas & Equipment
    • Tool Room and Office (door is labeled 'NO AFTER-HOUR ACCESS')
    • Any machines labeled 'SHOP PERSONNEL ONLY'
    • Toolboxes labeled 'NO AFTER-HOUR ACCESS'

Shop Safety Policy

Because machine tools are "old school," and somewhat familiar to most of us, it may be easy to forget how dangerous they can be. Users are reminded to tie back, tuck in, or otherwise safely stow long hair, loose clothing, scarves, ties, jewelry and other items of personal style or adornment that could be a safety hazard while working with the equipment. Closed toed shoes and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) are required at all times in the shop areas. Know the location of the first aid equipment and how to obtain medical aid in case of emergency. Know the location of fire extinguishers, alarm pulls and exits in the shop and nearby in the building.

  • All shop users must have taken the shop safety course as well as all mandatory online safety training (electrical, fire extinguisher and chemical hygiene.
  • If the shop manager is to be absent from the shop for over 10 minutes, at least 2 individuals must be present at all times
  • No off hour access is permitted

Shop Job Policy

While AA Shop resources need to be available to qualified staff and students, it is important to determine which jobs must be carried out by AA Shop staff and which may be suitable for users. With this in mind the following policy will apply:

Any job brought to the AA Shop that meets either of the two criteria below shall be carried out by Shop personnel:

  1. The job involves more than 4 hours total Shop time;
  2. Significant design assistance is required from AA Shop personnel. This is defined to mean more than 30 minutes of design help.

AA Shop jobs that do not fall under either of the above categories must be carried out by designated shop trained staff or others under their supervision.

Work in the absence of AA Shop staff

The AA Shop is normally available throughout the work week, Monday - Friday, 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM, subject to change. It is expected that Shop related activities be conducted during those working hours.

In the unusual and infrequent case where off-hours access to AA Shop facilities is required, the following policies shall apply:

Under no circumstances may AA Shop equipment be used without AA Shop staff present. The shop and equipment must be left in the condition in which it was found. Shop doors must be locked when the shop is unattended.

  • Access is only permitted to university employees and students, unless expressly permitted by Shop manager.
  • Failure to follow shop policies and UW safety policy will result in the loss of access to shop