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Pressure Scanning


The electronic pressure scanning system (EPS) is the primary means for acquiring pressure data. It can support customer-supplied EPS modules from Scanivalve or Pressure Systems Inc. UWAL has two Scanivalve EPS modules: ZOC33's (64 ports, ±5psi range).

This model has an accuracy of 0.05% of the full-scale range. The system can be automatically calibrated in a matter of minutes and allows simultaneous recording of up to eight modules. Quick disconnects can be sent to the customer for plumbing of model pressures prior to model delivery.

64-port, 5-psi EPS Module


In order to use the EPS modules, the model must use pressure tubing that has an outside diameter of approximately 0.040 to 0.042 inches. Stainless steel tubing is normally used to make the pressure ports in the model. Plastic tubing connects the steel pressure port tubing to the EPS module (urethane plastic tubing is recommended).