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Model Accelerometer Mount

Inclinometer Drawings and Images

Image of Inclinometer

Inclinometer Mounted on Wing Reference Block

Drawing of Inclinometer Base and Front View

Sample Run Log

The generic run log is customized for each test. A run log is used to track the progress of the test.; see the Sample Run Log available in .pdf or Excel format. The run log information is also stored digitally for easy recall using a KWT-provided software package called the Wind Tunnel Data Organizer.

Air Speed Conversion Chart

The following chart can be used to determine the approximate air speed in the test section for a given dynamic pressure (q). The tunnel is operated by setting a dynamic pressure. The conversion from dynamic pressure to air speed assumes Standard Day Conditions (temperature =59°F, pressure = 29.92 inHg, 2116 psf, 14.7 psi).

Re/ft is the Reynolds number per foot of reference length. It uses a Standard Day kinematicviscosity of 1.565x10-4 ft2/sec.

Table 1: Conversion Chart for Dynamic Pressure to Airspeed