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KWT Security

Physical security:

The perimeter doors of the wind tunnel building are kept locked and to gain access one must use a key card. Key cards can be checked out from UWAL management. Another set of interior doors can be left locked for added security. We keep them locked for ITAR tests, classified tests, or whenever our customers request that they be locked. The door to the control room can also be kept locked for an added level of security.

Data security:

UWAL follows a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, meaning the network can be accessed through a physical ethernet plug-in, but customers and guests are subjected to provided domain credentials to ensure data security. As such, the data acquisition system, the file server, data reduction PC's, and PC's reserved for customers are on the UWAL network which is NOT physically connected to any other network and is especially NOT connected to the internet.

Key cards and CAAMS:

The Campus Automated Access Management System (CAAMS) is the university's system for controlling the door locks. Temporary Key Cards that work in the CAAMS readers are provided to KWT customers during their tests (please return them before leaving!). The Key Cards give customer personnel access to appropriate areas of the building at appropriate times. Settings for the Key Cards are made by KWT management. The Customer can request that the Key Cards be given specific settings. Note that settings are also made that disable the provided Key Cards after your test.

University personnel and United States citizenship:

The following university personnel have access to the wind tunnel building: UWAL Staff and Crew, UW Police Officers, the custodian assigned to the Kirsten Wind Tunnel, and a few critical Facilities Services personnel. All personnel with access have documented the university that they are citizens of the United States.

DDTC registration:

Per ITAR Part 122, on behalf of university entities such as KWT, the Provost of the University of Washington has registered UW with the US Dept. of State DDTC.

Classified testing at KWT:

The physical layout of the KWT allows classified wind tunnel testing to be performed at KWT. The University of Washington's FSO must consult on the test. No KWT personnel have security clearances so customers must bring sufficient cleared personnel to staff and secure the test section area. If the nature of the wind tunnel test presents higher than usual risk to the facility or equipment, additional liability considerations may need to be added to the Work Agreement. Contact KWT to discuss further.