K-12 Outreach

In addition to having you come to campus, representatives from our American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Student Chapter can come to you!  Many of our students are active in community activities outside the UW and will gladly assist in engineering and science related projects to promote their discipline.  They regularly visit elementary schools, middle schools and after-school programs to help with science fairs, career nights and other activities to encourage young students to reach for the sky.

If you are interested in having someone visit your class, or if you are planning to bring a group to the UW campus, please contact Marlo Anderson marlo@aa.washington.edu or 206.616.1115 for outreach arrangements.

College of Engineering Open House

The College of Engineering Discovery Days (formally known as Engineering Open House) is held in the spring of each year and is open to all with each day having a primary focus. Our faculty, staff, and students enthusiastically introduce K-12 students to the world of engineering through exciting hands-on experiments and visual displays. See the College of Engineering's Discovery Days page for more details.

K-12 Resource Guide

The University of Washington has a Web page and searchable database that provides information about a wide variety of educational resources offered at the UW: http://www.outreach.washington.edu/k12guide/